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Who Uses Alcohol Flasks and Why?


People use alcohol flasks for a variety of reasons, from saving money to a desire to look cool. A classic example would be a young man at a hockey game in a large arena. He splurged on a pricey ticket, so the cash he has to spend on high-priced drinks is limited. Instead of buying alcohol at the game, he fills a binocular flask with beer to smuggle into the arena. Security at the entrance won’t give these binoculars a second glance. Fans want to catch the action on the ice, not stare at the giant TV screens the entire game.


In another case, a woman has been invited her friend’s wedding reception and knows there won’t be any alcohol served. So she takes a few alcohol flasks, all filled with her favorite wine, to the celebration. Nobody thinks twice about a cell phone, a camera or a brush in a woman’s handbag. With an alcohol flask she can imbibe without drawing attention to herself. 

An alcohol flask doesn’t have to be sneaky. There are many instances where a host will supply nonalcoholic beverages at a party and indicate “BYOB” on the invitation. People don’t want to drag a big bottle of booze to the festivities. Instead they turn to alcohol flasks to transport their liquor. This party is also the perfect place for a man to pull a stainless steel alcohol flask from his pocket. He feels cool and sophisticated as he pours a splash of vodka into his cranberry juice.

Alcohol flasks are the perfect way to get your desired libations from your home to any event or location. Whether you’re sneaking alcohol into a stadium or just bringing your top-shelf booze to a party where the host provides only cheap liquor, look to an alcohol flask to get it there.