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By admin on Wednesday, October 15th, 2014 02:05 PM

Halloween will soon be upon us, and costume parties and other excuses to wear a costume will abound. Don’t let your costume be ordinary. Add an unexpected detail that will make yours go from ordinary to unforgettable. You don’t have to spend a lot of money either. Start by shopping in your closet and then buy a few accessories to complete your look.

You could go as a “birder.” Just wear your favorite casual shorts, a t-shirt and your sneakers. All you need to complete your look is a field guide for birds (purchased cheaply enough at your used book store or used on Amazon.com) and a pair of binoculars around your neck. Now you’re good to go. But wait! To really make your outfit complete substitute a binoculars liquor flask for regular binoculars. When you pour your favorite libation from your “binoculars” everyone will know you’re not a stuffed shirt.

But the ultimate in transporting liquor in costume is a handbag flask. These liquor flasks are girls’ best friends. Ladies, you can dress up as a fashionista. Pull your best little black dress out of the closet then accessorize. Pull out a few of those shopping bags from Saks Fifth Avenue or Bloomingdales or Harrods or Selfridges you’ve got stashed in the closet. Now fill up your handbag flask … toss your makeup, keys, and your wallet (no shopping trip is complete without a credit card or two) in the top and put your favorite witch’s brew in the flask hidden in the bottom … and you’ll take the party by storm. You could even throw in one or two other filled liquor flasks (a brush flask or one that resembles your “Crack-Berry”) if you need even more of your favorite potion.

But no matter how you decide to costume your booze, just be responsible. When things go bump in the night, you don’t want it to be you.

By admin on Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014 12:10 PM

What are the best flasks for men? What are the best flasks for women? The answer is “That depends.” On what, you might ask. Well, first, it really comes down to what the secret flask is designed to look like. Obviously, a guy is going to have some serious explaining to do when a security screening a rock concert finds several “tampons” (those capped test tubes cleverly hidden in wrappers) with him, unless he has a female companion who can say those “feminine hygiene items” are hers. But, put those same tampon flasks in a lady’s handbag and chances are a security guard will look right past them.

The other question pertains to size … How will the secret flask be carried? A cell phone flask or camera flask can fit easily into a guy’s pants pocket. On the other hand, a paddle brush flask won’t work if the guy is wearing a pair of tight-fitting jeans. But a flask disguised as a phone, camera or brush can be easily slipped into a woman’s handbag or a guy’s messenger bag. (Or anybody’s fanny pack, for that matter.)

The best secret flasks for men or women also need to be appropriate for the environment. Out for a night of clubbing? Binoculars would look very out of place. But a binoculars flask at a rugby match or a football game won’t draw attention, especially if the person carrying it bemoans the fact he/she has seats in the nosebleed section. A cell phone flask or camera flask won’t look out of place at a night club, sporting event, the opera or pretty much anywhere.

Bottom line: For either a man or a woman, there are plenty of options. Just choose one of the many secret flasks that best suits who will carry it and where that secret flask will used.

By admin on Monday, September 15th, 2014 12:40 PM

Sneaky flasks are all over the Internet, with hidden flasks coming in all different forms … from flasks masquerading as cell phones or cameras to gender-specific flasks. Ladies can choose a flask disguised as a bra. Guys can pick a hidden flask that gives the impression of a beer belly. But each of these choices comes with its own set of problems. With a fake “spare tire” or boobs, is somebody going to notice your anatomy getting smaller as the event goes on? Will they be jealous of all the money you saved when you smuggled in your own booze and call security on you? Plus, with the ever increasing security threats, searches are becoming more thorough. (Just ask airline passengers who now have to turn on their electronics at security to show that the devices are real.) And guards are more aware of the deviousness of the general public. (Let’s face it, word gets around.)

That’s why hidden flasks need to constantly evolve, keeping a step ahead of security. And that’s where the clever new handbag flask enters the arena. This latest addition to the world of disguised flasks ranks in there with the brush flask. Now a woman can pour a full bottle of her favorite wine into this clever flask and bring along all the other essentials. The bottom of the handbag conceals a hidden 830 mL flask while the top portion is a fully functional handbag, just waiting to be filled with all a lady needs for a night on the town … make-up, cell phone, camera, a hair brush (maybe even the paddle brush flask, if she wants to smuggle in something for her date), keys, etc.

All this and a fashionable accessory, too! With four different colors to choose from, a woman can match any outfit with her hidden flask!

By admin on Saturday, August 9th, 2014 07:19 AM

We’ve all worked too hard to earn our money to just keep throwing it away on over-priced drinks made from cheap alcohol. So why not invest in a hidden flask or two? Makes sense, right? With just a small upfront cost, hidden flasks allow you to start saving money with the first use, and with the cost of premium drinks these days, the flasks pay for themselves in no time.

Now when it comes to hidden flasks, you have many options. You have the outdated binoculars and other items that need to be redesigned to look current. You have the slightly absurd, like the fake boobs flask or the beer belly flask. Somebody is obviously going to notice the ampleness of a gal’s chest is not what it was earlier. The same goes for that guy’s “spare tire.” What’s sneaky about that? And what about the “ick” factor in the flip-flop flask. Do you really want to pour your top-shelf booze from a hidden flask on your foot that’s been tracked through who knows what?

A truly sneaky hidden flask should conceal itself in plain sight – you want something that holds a fair amount of alcohol without attracting unwanted attention at a security screening or from your fellow concert goers. (“No outside food or drink allowed.” – Oh those dastardly stadium owners. That’s so they can make money off the little guy by charging outrageous prices for cheap booze and greasy munchies!) It’s easy to pick out a flask to keep your booze away from prying eyes. Just think about what is really going to be sneaky and what might be more of a gimmick or gag gift than a good secret flask. Pick wisely and you’ll be able to spend your cash on things you really enjoy.

By admin on Friday, July 25th, 2014 12:30 PM

Nearly all the flasks marketed for smuggling booze into places like nightclubs and stadiums are relatively small and perform just one function: getting your alcohol past the security screeners. A guy searching hundreds of bags, looking for knives or guns, isn’t going to be concerned with what APPEARS TO BE a cell phone or digital camera. Unless the person is extremely suspicious and asks you to turn on your phone or camera, these secret flasks will pass muster.

But what about a two-for-one secret flask? A flask that conceals your favorite libation and serves another purpose as well? They exist, but not with the variety of “models” you find with phones or binoculars. The first really cool option is the brush flask. It doesn’t just LOOK LIKE a brush. It is an ACTUAL paddle brush with fully functional bristles. And with a little hair in those bristles, it will be very hard to believe it is also a flask.

The newest “two-for” secret flasks to hit the market are totally ingenious – handbags with large flasks cleverly concealed in the bottoms of the bags. A woman can fill up the secret flask with a bottle of her favorite wine, then toss all of her must-haves for her night out into the top, zip it closed and head out. She has plenty of alcohol to get her through ANY evening! Or she can share with her friends – they can all splurge on the evening’s fun because their drinks are basically free.

So what other secret flask might be on the horizon? Maybe a fashionable “man bag.” Messenger bags were good enough for Alan in “The Hang Over” and for the whip-wielding Indiana Jones, so why not for the main stream? Stylish, functional and sneaky!

By admin on Sunday, October 20th, 2013 11:06 PM

Why should you settle for a standard, off-the-shelf liquor flask, when you can customize your flask? Binocktails will be soon be offering custom flasks. Yes, that’s right, you can personalize your flask with your favorite photo (or pick a predesigned graphic image from our trendy collection), then add text to the picture or pattern to make a truly unique, personalized flask.


Today, you can have a photo printed on just about anything. One of the most popular items has to be an iPhone case; I can’t tell you how many I’ve seen with photos! You love your car; you love your girlfriend, so why not have pictures of what you care most about printed on a collection of liquor flasks that slip handily into your back pocket?

If you want simple, straight-forward, customized flasks, start with a solid color background for each and add text to personalize your hip flasks. Mine might say, “Please do not disturb me; I am already disturbed enough!” That would certainly attract attention when I’m drinking.

Customized liquor flasks are perfect gifts for your booze buddies. You can print a photo of your last big night out (well, maybe that night should forgotten) and then add the date at the bottom, ensuring that night will never be forgotten. Or, get the entire gang together and have someone take a picture of the group. You can then have the photo printed on a liquor flask, ordering one for each of the guys in the picture. After you’ve given these personalized, custom flasks as gifts, you and your friends can fill them up with your favorite “poisons” as you’re getting ready for your next night out. Let’s just hope the festivities don’t end up like the setting for the next Hangover sequel!!  Have fun and drink responsibly.

By admin on Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 04:48 AM

There are lots of hidden flasks on the market today, but has anyone truly mastered the art of the disguised flask?  There are numerous companies making everything from a travel flask that you can hide inside your suitcase to a hairbrush flask that you simply drop in your handbag as you are heading out for a night of boozing. Bottom line, there are a lot of cool alcohol flasks available, but who does them right? Binocktails!!

We feel we have perfected the art of the disguised flask. We have one of the most complete ranges of secret flasks offered on the web today, and we are always adding to it. We have created a line of original and clever flasks that will get booze into almost any place. Currently we offer hairbrush, camera, binocular and BlackBerry flasks that are so realistic that at first glance no one will think they have alcohol inside them. Here is what a few of our loyal customers have shared with us.

One lady accidentally carried a full Bev-Cam onto an airplane in her handbag. OOOPPPPSSS!! Not the smartest thing to do, but the point is, it got past the strict security checks in the airport. To us, that says we have passed the test and have mastered the art of smuggling booze.

Another memorable email we received was about the latest addition to our line of flasks for women. A women was a little nervous when using our Bev-Brush for the first time.  As she was going through a security check at her local nightclub, she panicked as they were about to check her handbag. Before the bouncer could even look at the Bev-Brush, our customer quickly grabbed it and start to brush her hair. Since it is a fully functional brush the woman could brush her hair while the guy was searching for booze in her handbag. Quick thinking, but we just wish she had faith in our secret flasks. If the Bev-Brush was completely filled (to prevent sloshing sounds that might give away the true purpose of the “brush”) the bouncer would not have suspected it was an alcohol flask.

But not all hidden flasks are designed to smuggle alcohol into night clubs or sporting events. The Rum Runner flasks are meant to sit inside the corners of a suitcase. While we can’t take credit for inventing these flasks, we sure sell a lot of them. I guess it’s because we have the cheapest prices for Rum Runner flasks on the web today.

We are always thinking of new ideas for cool secret flasks. The next addition to our collection of flasks for women will be a handbag flask. We are currently keeping the details to ourselves, but this alcohol flask will likely hold at least 20 oz. of alcohol and will get past any security check. Drop a Bev-Cam or Bev-Brush inside our handbag flask, and you are smuggling over 25 oz. of reasonably priced booze into a trendy downtown nightclub, which will surely help make it a great night out.

By admin on Sunday, September 29th, 2013 08:57 PM

It has been less than a month since Binocktails launched the Bev-Brush hidden hairbrush flask. It has been a fantastic addition to our line of hidden flasks. And we expect our Bev-Brush will soon pass the Bev-Cam as our best-selling secret flask.

We’d like to give you a few important tips to increase your odds of successfully smuggling your alcohol in one of our hidden flasks.

1. Take off the plastic film that protects the mirror during shipping. If a security guard sees that protective sheet on your Bev-Brush, he’ll probably take a closer look. That only increases the chance your hidden flask will be discovered, and you’ll be refused entry.

2. Use your Bev-Brush to brush your hair. It is a fully functional hair brush, as well as a secret flask. The bristles are the same ones used on real brushes. It will raise a red flag with a bouncer if he does not see any hair in your brush, especially if you have long hair.

3. Fill you Bev-Brush completely. The less air inside the flask, the less sloshing noises it will make, and the less likely you will have it confiscated at the front door of the nightclub.

4. Don’t take three Bev-Brushes out with you. Be realistic and don’t push it. Yes, 18 oz. of booze will make it a great night (if you can remember it), but you may not get in the front door of the trendy new downtown bar with three Bev-Brushes stuffed in your purse.

5. Don’t be afraid of getting scratches or nicks on your Bev-Brush. Those just add to the character, and, with some of your own hair in the bristles, make it look like you have used the brush for years. If it starts to look really used and abused after a few years of partying hard, maybe security won’t even want to touch it. Jackpot!!

6. Drink responsibly. We have to add, when you are out on a massive night with any or all of our hidden flasks be careful. It is great to have fun, but stay safe and don’t get too crazy.

Binocktails would like to thank all of you who have purchased our products and helped our company become a huge success. Please pass the word to all your friends, as we cannot advertise too much. Last time a nice write up about us was published before a big event, a photo of our Party Pack was clearly posted at the security checkpoint with the warning, “These products are not allowed.” And security was carefully inspecting anything that look like it could smuggle alcohol. Consequently, we have opted not to pursue printed publicity and are instead relying on word-of-mouth advertising from satisfied customers. So please pass along our website to all your drinking buddies and party on.

By admin on Sunday, August 25th, 2013 11:19 PM

As “the law” gets smarter, those who make secret flasks will have to stay one step ahead.  That is why Binocktails is always looking to create new secret flasks that are one step ahead of “Johnny Law”.

Cell phone flasks have been around for 20 years, and most still look like the mobile phones from 20 years ago. That kind of secret flask is not going to help you sneak booze into the hot new nightclub lined with security people, some of whom might not be happy knowing you’re going to have a good time while they are stuck doing bag checks. That’s why we created the Bev-Burry, a flask that looks like a BlackBerry. It’s much more current and considerable less likely to be noticed.

Something else that needs to change with the times is the binoculars flask. Surprisingly, there are still many models on the market that look like an antique.  (And perhaps even more surprising is that people still buy them!) A flask that looks like a 40-year-old set of binoculars probably isn’t going to get you drunk at the next college football game. That is why we redesigned the binocular flask to look sleek and modern, from this decade, not from the era when hippies were still going strong.

Again, in an effort to stay ahead of the game, this year we created a new secret flask, the Bev-Brush. Yes, it’s exactly what is sounds like … a brush that is a flask. It looks so realistic, no one will EVER give it a second glance. Why, because it actually is a real paddle brush, complete with a mirror on the back, that also holds over 6 oz. of alcohol to help you save a few bucks at the trendy downtown club. For added realism, make sure you use the brush before you go out so there will be some hair in the bristles.

By admin on Monday, August 19th, 2013 09:02 PM

Even though the majority of our loyal customers are women, we still do have a lot of male clients. So we have to ask ourselves, what are the best flasks for men? There are so many different flasks for men on the market today.  Where do we start? If you are not trying to sneak your booze into a place where you are not supposed to have it, then you can use a basic 8 oz. hip flask that will easily fit right in your back pocket. You can have many different things printed on your pocket hip flask, from your favorite sports team, your alma mater or even just a silly saying that will make your friends laugh. It is up to you.


If you want to sneak booze into an event, you need to look at secret flasks. For a large quantity of beer or wine   you can use the “Beer Belly,” but this could be a problem if you already have a large beer gut. Plus, the big down fall of this secret flaks is your booze will get very warm and may not quench your thirst as much as you anticipated.


Our vote for “best flasks for men” goes to the good old standby, binoculars flasks. Cleverly designed as a double flask, the binocular flask holds 16 oz. of you favorite booze. You can keep it all for yourself, or you can have 8 oz. of vodka and your girl can have 8 oz. of gin. A match made in heaven.


The simple binocular flask is the best flask for a man.


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