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Archive for September, 2013

By admin on Sunday, September 29th, 2013 08:57 PM

It has been less than a month since Binocktails launched the Bev-Brush hidden hairbrush flask. It has been a fantastic addition to our line of hidden flasks. And we expect our Bev-Brush will soon pass the Bev-Cam as our best-selling secret flask.

We’d like to give you a few important tips to increase your odds of successfully smuggling your alcohol in one of our hidden flasks.

1. Take off the plastic film that protects the mirror during shipping. If a security guard sees that protective sheet on your Bev-Brush, he’ll probably take a closer look. That only increases the chance your hidden flask will be discovered, and you’ll be refused entry.

2. Use your Bev-Brush to brush your hair. It is a fully functional hair brush, as well as a secret flask. The bristles are the same ones used on real brushes. It will raise a red flag with a bouncer if he does not see any hair in your brush, especially if you have long hair.

3. Fill you Bev-Brush completely. The less air inside the flask, the less sloshing noises it will make, and the less likely you will have it confiscated at the front door of the nightclub.

4. Don’t take three Bev-Brushes out with you. Be realistic and don’t push it. Yes, 18 oz. of booze will make it a great night (if you can remember it), but you may not get in the front door of the trendy new downtown bar with three Bev-Brushes stuffed in your purse.

5. Don’t be afraid of getting scratches or nicks on your Bev-Brush. Those just add to the character, and, with some of your own hair in the bristles, make it look like you have used the brush for years. If it starts to look really used and abused after a few years of partying hard, maybe security won’t even want to touch it. Jackpot!!

6. Drink responsibly. We have to add, when you are out on a massive night with any or all of our hidden flasks be careful. It is great to have fun, but stay safe and don’t get too crazy.

Binocktails would like to thank all of you who have purchased our products and helped our company become a huge success. Please pass the word to all your friends, as we cannot advertise too much. Last time a nice write up about us was published before a big event, a photo of our Party Pack was clearly posted at the security checkpoint with the warning, “These products are not allowed.” And security was carefully inspecting anything that look like it could smuggle alcohol. Consequently, we have opted not to pursue printed publicity and are instead relying on word-of-mouth advertising from satisfied customers. So please pass along our website to all your drinking buddies and party on.