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Liquor Flasks: The Best Costume for Your Booze
By admin on Wednesday, October 15th, 2014 02:05 PM

Halloween will soon be upon us, and costume parties and other excuses to wear a costume will abound. Don’t let your costume be ordinary. Add an unexpected detail that will make yours go from ordinary to unforgettable. You don’t have to spend a lot of money either. Start by shopping in your closet and then buy a few accessories to complete your look.

You could go as a “birder.” Just wear your favorite casual shorts, a t-shirt and your sneakers. All you need to complete your look is a field guide for birds (purchased cheaply enough at your used book store or used on Amazon.com) and a pair of binoculars around your neck. Now you’re good to go. But wait! To really make your outfit complete substitute a binoculars liquor flask for regular binoculars. When you pour your favorite libation from your “binoculars” everyone will know you’re not a stuffed shirt.

But the ultimate in transporting liquor in costume is a handbag flask. These liquor flasks are girls’ best friends. Ladies, you can dress up as a fashionista. Pull your best little black dress out of the closet then accessorize. Pull out a few of those shopping bags from Saks Fifth Avenue or Bloomingdales or Harrods or Selfridges you’ve got stashed in the closet. Now fill up your handbag flask … toss your makeup, keys, and your wallet (no shopping trip is complete without a credit card or two) in the top and put your favorite witch’s brew in the flask hidden in the bottom … and you’ll take the party by storm. You could even throw in one or two other filled liquor flasks (a brush flask or one that resembles your “Crack-Berry”) if you need even more of your favorite potion.

But no matter how you decide to costume your booze, just be responsible. When things go bump in the night, you don’t want it to be you.

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