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Mastering the Art of the Hidden Flask
By admin on Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 04:48 AM

There are lots of hidden flasks on the market today, but has anyone truly mastered the art of the disguised flask?  There are numerous companies making everything from a travel flask that you can hide inside your suitcase to a hairbrush flask that you simply drop in your handbag as you are heading out for a night of boozing. Bottom line, there are a lot of cool alcohol flasks available, but who does them right? Binocktails!!

We feel we have perfected the art of the disguised flask. We have one of the most complete ranges of secret flasks offered on the web today, and we are always adding to it. We have created a line of original and clever flasks that will get booze into almost any place. Currently we offer hairbrush, camera, binocular and BlackBerry flasks that are so realistic that at first glance no one will think they have alcohol inside them. Here is what a few of our loyal customers have shared with us.

One lady accidentally carried a full Bev-Cam onto an airplane in her handbag. OOOPPPPSSS!! Not the smartest thing to do, but the point is, it got past the strict security checks in the airport. To us, that says we have passed the test and have mastered the art of smuggling booze.

Another memorable email we received was about the latest addition to our line of flasks for women. A women was a little nervous when using our Bev-Brush for the first time.  As she was going through a security check at her local nightclub, she panicked as they were about to check her handbag. Before the bouncer could even look at the Bev-Brush, our customer quickly grabbed it and start to brush her hair. Since it is a fully functional brush the woman could brush her hair while the guy was searching for booze in her handbag. Quick thinking, but we just wish she had faith in our secret flasks. If the Bev-Brush was completely filled (to prevent sloshing sounds that might give away the true purpose of the “brush”) the bouncer would not have suspected it was an alcohol flask.

But not all hidden flasks are designed to smuggle alcohol into night clubs or sporting events. The Rum Runner flasks are meant to sit inside the corners of a suitcase. While we can’t take credit for inventing these flasks, we sure sell a lot of them. I guess it’s because we have the cheapest prices for Rum Runner flasks on the web today.

We are always thinking of new ideas for cool secret flasks. The next addition to our collection of flasks for women will be a handbag flask. We are currently keeping the details to ourselves, but this alcohol flask will likely hold at least 20 oz. of alcohol and will get past any security check. Drop a Bev-Cam or Bev-Brush inside our handbag flask, and you are smuggling over 25 oz. of reasonably priced booze into a trendy downtown nightclub, which will surely help make it a great night out.

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