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Why Customize Your Liquor Flask?
By admin on Sunday, October 20th, 2013 11:06 PM

Why should you settle for a standard, off-the-shelf liquor flask, when you can customize your flask? Binocktails will be soon be offering custom flasks. Yes, that’s right, you can personalize your flask with your favorite photo (or pick a predesigned graphic image from our trendy collection), then add text to the picture or pattern to make a truly unique, personalized flask.


Today, you can have a photo printed on just about anything. One of the most popular items has to be an iPhone case; I can’t tell you how many I’ve seen with photos! You love your car; you love your girlfriend, so why not have pictures of what you care most about printed on a collection of liquor flasks that slip handily into your back pocket?

If you want simple, straight-forward, customized flasks, start with a solid color background for each and add text to personalize your hip flasks. Mine might say, “Please do not disturb me; I am already disturbed enough!” That would certainly attract attention when I’m drinking.

Customized liquor flasks are perfect gifts for your booze buddies. You can print a photo of your last big night out (well, maybe that night should forgotten) and then add the date at the bottom, ensuring that night will never be forgotten. Or, get the entire gang together and have someone take a picture of the group. You can then have the photo printed on a liquor flask, ordering one for each of the guys in the picture. After you’ve given these personalized, custom flasks as gifts, you and your friends can fill them up with your favorite “poisons” as you’re getting ready for your next night out. Let’s just hope the festivities don’t end up like the setting for the next Hangover sequel!!  Have fun and drink responsibly.

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