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Really Clever Secret Flasks
By admin on Friday, July 25th, 2014 12:30 PM

Nearly all the flasks marketed for smuggling booze into places like nightclubs and stadiums are relatively small and perform just one function: getting your alcohol past the security screeners. A guy searching hundreds of bags, looking for knives or guns, isn’t going to be concerned with what APPEARS TO BE a cell phone or digital camera. Unless the person is extremely suspicious and asks you to turn on your phone or camera, these secret flasks will pass muster.

But what about a two-for-one secret flask? A flask that conceals your favorite libation and serves another purpose as well? They exist, but not with the variety of “models” you find with phones or binoculars. The first really cool option is the brush flask. It doesn’t just LOOK LIKE a brush. It is an ACTUAL paddle brush with fully functional bristles. And with a little hair in those bristles, it will be very hard to believe it is also a flask.

The newest “two-for” secret flasks to hit the market are totally ingenious – handbags with large flasks cleverly concealed in the bottoms of the bags. A woman can fill up the secret flask with a bottle of her favorite wine, then toss all of her must-haves for her night out into the top, zip it closed and head out. She has plenty of alcohol to get her through ANY evening! Or she can share with her friends – they can all splurge on the evening’s fun because their drinks are basically free.

So what other secret flask might be on the horizon? Maybe a fashionable “man bag.” Messenger bags were good enough for Alan in “The Hang Over” and for the whip-wielding Indiana Jones, so why not for the main stream? Stylish, functional and sneaky!

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