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The Reality of Hidden Flasks
By admin on Saturday, August 9th, 2014 07:19 AM

We’ve all worked too hard to earn our money to just keep throwing it away on over-priced drinks made from cheap alcohol. So why not invest in a hidden flask or two? Makes sense, right? With just a small upfront cost, hidden flasks allow you to start saving money with the first use, and with the cost of premium drinks these days, the flasks pay for themselves in no time.

Now when it comes to hidden flasks, you have many options. You have the outdated binoculars and other items that need to be redesigned to look current. You have the slightly absurd, like the fake boobs flask or the beer belly flask. Somebody is obviously going to notice the ampleness of a gal’s chest is not what it was earlier. The same goes for that guy’s “spare tire.” What’s sneaky about that? And what about the “ick” factor in the flip-flop flask. Do you really want to pour your top-shelf booze from a hidden flask on your foot that’s been tracked through who knows what?

A truly sneaky hidden flask should conceal itself in plain sight – you want something that holds a fair amount of alcohol without attracting unwanted attention at a security screening or from your fellow concert goers. (“No outside food or drink allowed.” – Oh those dastardly stadium owners. That’s so they can make money off the little guy by charging outrageous prices for cheap booze and greasy munchies!) It’s easy to pick out a flask to keep your booze away from prying eyes. Just think about what is really going to be sneaky and what might be more of a gimmick or gag gift than a good secret flask. Pick wisely and you’ll be able to spend your cash on things you really enjoy.

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