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A New Arrival in the World of Hidden Flasks
By admin on Monday, September 15th, 2014 12:40 PM

Sneaky flasks are all over the Internet, with hidden flasks coming in all different forms … from flasks masquerading as cell phones or cameras to gender-specific flasks. Ladies can choose a flask disguised as a bra. Guys can pick a hidden flask that gives the impression of a beer belly. But each of these choices comes with its own set of problems. With a fake “spare tire” or boobs, is somebody going to notice your anatomy getting smaller as the event goes on? Will they be jealous of all the money you saved when you smuggled in your own booze and call security on you? Plus, with the ever increasing security threats, searches are becoming more thorough. (Just ask airline passengers who now have to turn on their electronics at security to show that the devices are real.) And guards are more aware of the deviousness of the general public. (Let’s face it, word gets around.)

That’s why hidden flasks need to constantly evolve, keeping a step ahead of security. And that’s where the clever new handbag flask enters the arena. This latest addition to the world of disguised flasks ranks in there with the brush flask. Now a woman can pour a full bottle of her favorite wine into this clever flask and bring along all the other essentials. The bottom of the handbag conceals a hidden 830 mL flask while the top portion is a fully functional handbag, just waiting to be filled with all a lady needs for a night on the town … make-up, cell phone, camera, a hair brush (maybe even the paddle brush flask, if she wants to smuggle in something for her date), keys, etc.

All this and a fashionable accessory, too! With four different colors to choose from, a woman can match any outfit with her hidden flask!

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