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Flasks for Men

In a world where the disguised flask, fabricated from plastic, is gaining popularity, we forget that the more traditional stainless steel whiskey flask is still as popular as ever. The old stereotype that comes to mind with such a flask is of a man settling into a chair in his library with floor to ceiling bookcases. Once he's comfortable in front of the fireplace, he pulls his flask from the inside breast pocket of his jacket then takes a drink.

Even though that is an image from days gone by, these flasks for men are still popular. Not all flasks need to be hidden flasks, secreted away and only pulled out on the sly. The stainless steel flask is merely a convenient way to transport a small amount of alcohol. With a capacity of around 6 to 8 ounces, while not holding enough to get you drunk, these alcohol flasks can be easily tucked into your pocket to take your refreshment with you.

Origins of the Flasks

As with all modern things, flasks have evolved since their inception. In the Middle Ages, the flask found its start when hollowed out fruit was used to hold liquor. Then in the 18th century, the use of things like pigs' bladders were deployed to smuggle alcohol. It was also during this time that the slim, ergonomic design we associate with today's stainless steel flasks came into play, as upper-class gentleman used them to discreetly carry their booze. As Prohibition took hold in the United States in the 1920s, flasks saw increased popularity as a way to carry the banned alcohol while keeping it away from the prying eyes of the law, and that popularity still reigns today.

Flasks have changed with the times, however. As hidden flasks came onto the scene, plastic replaced metal as the material of choice, and the best-selling secret flasks were no longer slim and curve-hugging. Now we have a plastic flask masquerading as an everyday item, like the binoculars flask and the cell phone flask.

Regardless of shape, the purpose of these objects is the same... smuggle booze. As ticket prices for concerts or major sporting events continue to grow, patrons look for ways to save money and keep the total cost of attending such an affair down. We all know anything sold inside the venue is expensive, from food and soft drinks to beer and wine. Purchase a liquor flask disguised as a camera and use it again and again, not just at shows or athletic events, but at nightclubs and bars, where the cost of a single drink can be half to three-quarters of the retail cost of an entire bottle. With just a couple uses, the flask has paid for itself.

If you're looking for gifts that are fun and useful, cool flasks fit the bill. These secret flasks come in a variety of styles, each with a different volume – the 16 oz. binocular flask, the 6 oz. brush flask, the 5 oz. camera flask, and the 3 oz. phone flask, for example.

For the frequent cruise traveler, plastic flasks are best for passing undetected through the dock-side scanners. Wrap up a set of Rum Runner flasks for a practical and unique gift. The recipient of this travel flask collection will then be equipped to smuggle over half a gallon of his/her favorite booze onboard.

And flasks aren't just for men. Don't forget the ladies on your list. Flasks for women include all flasks in the Binocktails line, since nearly all of our plastic flasks can easily be concealed in a woman's handbag.

Finding the Perfect Flask

Once you've decided to buy a hidden flask, you need to decide which of our secret flasks is best for you. While each flask is designed to be as realistic as possible, not every flask is appropriate in every setting. The keys to selecting the ideal secret flask are context and common sense.

Take the binocular flask. This alcohol flask is perfect for smuggling your favorite libation into a sporting event. But realistic-looking or not, someone checking bags at a nightclub is probably going to be suspicious if you try to bring this liquor flask inside. Do you really need a pair of binoculars to dance and party?

The Bev-Brush paddle brush flask can be one of the go-to flasks for women. A hairbrush is among the most common items found in a woman's handbag. After you buy it, be sure to add to the realism of this hidden flask. Since it is an actual brush, use it! Get some hair between the bristles to enhance the deception.

Buying more than one flask is an option as well. You can bring several hidden flasks with you, filling up a Bev-Brush, a Bev-Burry phone flask, and a Bev-Cam before you head out. Just be sure you party responsibly when you use any alcohol flask.

Care and Cleaning


When to Clean Your Flask


With proper care a hidden flask from Binocktails will last for years to come.

We recommend cleaning your disguised flask before you use it for the first time, and then after every use, especially when you switch to a different type of booze.

How to Clean Your Flask

There are several schools of thought on what to use to clean liquor flasks. Some people use only warm water; others use soap and water. Still others prefer white vinegar.

  • Warm water: Use the funnel included with your flask to fill it with warm water. Close the flask and shake the flask vigorously. Open the cap then pour out the contents.
  • Soap and water: Mix a mild soap with warm water in a tall glass to create a sudsy solution. Pour that liquid into the flask, cap it tightly, and then briskly shake it a few times. Empty the contents, refill the flask with plain warm water to rinse, giving the flask another shake or two before dumping out the water. Continue to rinse this way until the water is no longer soapy, then rinse again, just to be sure you've removed all the soap residue. You don't want your booze to taste like soap, do you?
  • Vinegar: Pour white vinegar, either straight or diluted with water, through the funnel you received with your flask. Agitate it just a bit. (Don't forget to put the cap on or you'll have a mess!) Pour out the liquid, then fill the flask with warm water, shake and pour out. Continue to rinse with warm water until you're satisfied no vinegar remains to spoil your favorite alcohol when you fill the flask up for your big night out.

Cleaning a Rum Runner Flask can be accomplished using any of the above methods. And since the opening is larger than on our other flasks, you can also use a brush designed to clean baby bottles to wash the interior of the flask.


Allow the flask, with the cap off, to air dry. For faster drying, place your flask upside down in a dish draining rack to allow the water to empty out.