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Our Latest Greatest Sneaky Flask!

Save 20% On Our Awesome Bev-Brella Flask!


Holds over 13 oz. (390 ml) of booze - Over half a bottle of wine

The largest capacity umbrella flask available

Several important improvements:

  • Leak-proof cap - no need to keep buying "Lid Seals"
  • Elastic inside the end of the cover to better hide the flask
  • You will get a black Bev-Brella - No one will second guess a black tote umbrella




US$16.99 US$13.59

"Bev-Cam" Camera Flask
"Bev-Cam" Camera Flask
The Bev-Cam camera flask holds 5 oz. of your favorite alcohol. Easy to take to clubs, bars or show.
Bev-Brella Secret Umbrella Flask
Bev-Brella Secret Umbrella Flask
The Bev-Brella Umbrella Flask - The largest capacity umbrella flask available - Holds over 13 oz.
Bev-Can Secret Body Spray Flask
Bev-Can Secret Body Spray Flask
Bev-Can Secret Body Spray Flask looks EXACTY like a body spray and hold 8 oz of boozes.
"Bev-Brush" 6 oz. Paddle Brush Flask
"Bev-Brush" 6 oz. Paddle Brush Flask
The Bev-Brush - A fully functional paddle brush with a mirror that is a 6 oz. secret flask
Binocktails Products

Binocktails.com takes classic hidden liquor flasks and creates more modern and realistic versions of secret binocular flasks, cell phone flasks and camera flasks. Don't settle for second best, buy the original Binocktails secret flasks.


Binocktails helps you to take your favorite alcohol in our hidden flasks / secret flasks to sporting events, concerts, horse races, theme parks, shows, the golf course ... pretty much anywhere (except airplanes). A hidden flask from Binocktails is the perfect gift for any sports fan, college student or drunk on your shopping list.


Don't be a fool by continuing to pay ridiculous prices for drinks during you're big nights out. Bring your own liquor! If you are a die-hard sports fan or party person, these hidden flasks are the perfect gift for yourself and your friends.


Our Bev-Cam and Bev-Brush are the perfect flasks for women. If you need to buy a flask for your girlfriend or need a great gift for a girl's night out, look no further. Our secret flasks are the best girl flasks available.