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What Does Using a Liquor Flask Say About You?


At least three stereotypes come to mind when thinking about how liquor flasks have been portrayed in the movies. First is the distinguished gentleman who pulls a flask of liquor out of his jacket as he sits down to relax after a busy day. Second is the college professor who views teaching as drudgery. We see him pouring whiskey into his morning coffee before he faces his students. Then there are the drunks, constantly carrying around liquor, the flask or bottle always in reach.


But what does a typical person think about using liquor flasks? Are you seen as a drunk or even an alcoholic if you choose to use a flask? Are you viewed as a cheapskate if you smuggle booze into a venue with a liquor flask or are you just being shrewd?


The answer to these questions is it depends. If you constantly have a flask of liquor with you, no matter where you are or what time it is, then yes, your friends might think you have a problem with alcohol. If you fill up one of your liquor flasks and then head out to meet your girlfriend’s parents for the first time, taking a healthy swallow of liquid courage as you arrive, you’re just nervous. If every time you go clubbing you fill up all of your liquor flasks and try to avoid paying for even one drink, yeah, your friends will say you’re cheap. But, there is nothing cheap about bringing a liquor flask or two to a ball game, then buying a drink from the concession stand when your flasks are empty.


Basically, when it comes to liquor flasks, use them in moderation to avoid negativity from your friends.