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The Pros and Cons of Plastic vs. Metal Flasks


Plastic and metal flasks each have benefits and drawbacks. Which flask you choose depends on why you want a flask.


Weight. A key difference between plastic and metal flasks is the heft. If you’re a woman you probably feel your handbag is heavily laden with your “stuff,” so you want to add as little extra weight as possible when you toss something else in it. For that reason, you’ll likely to opt for a plastic flask to carry in your purse.


Realism. Plastic is much easier to mold and shape into common everyday items to create sneaky flasks. If you want a flask that resembles a BlackBerry chances are it will be made of plastic. The price of stainless steel and the cost and difficulty of metal fabrication are considerably more than with plastic.


Stealth. To sneak booze into an arena or club, plastic flasks are ideal. They won’t make a tell-tale clang when they bump up against something hard. And with more stadiums and cruise lines using x-ray machines to scan bags, a metal flask will be discovered during the screening process, whereas a plastic flask will pass through undetected.


Customization. The major drawback of a plastic flask is the inability to create individual personalized flasks. The high temperatures used in the customization process melts the plastic flasks. Metal, on the other hand, can easily withstand those temperatures, making it a better choice for customization.


No one flask, metal or plastic, is suited for all purposes. Just consider how and where you’ll use your flask, then decide on the material it is made from.