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16 oz. Binocular Double Flask


16 oz. Binocular Double Flask


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You won’t find an antique-looking design with this binocular double flask. Our binoculars flasks are styled after the most up-to-date binoculars available, so they are ultra-realistic. DON'T EMBARRASS YOURSELF WITH A BINOCULAR FLASK THAT LOOKS LIKE YOUR GRANDFATHER’S BINOCULARS!!!


Sneak your booze past security with these revamped binocular flasks. The modern, rubberized finish make these the most realistic flasks on the market. Given how genuine our binocular flasks look, no one would guess these are actually secret alcohol flasks. These are probably the most widely purchased flasks for men (or women) ever created.


Are you bummed because you can’t buy your preferred brand of booze at a concert, soccer game, or rugby match or at the race track? The Binocktails 16 oz. Binocular Flask - a double-chambered secret flask disguised as binoculars - is the answer to your problem! But a word of advice … showing up with one of our secret binoculars flasks at the local dance club might not be the best idea. It would be more than a little awkward trying to explain why you need binoculars for a night on the town.


Each of these dual-cavity binocular flasks carries a generous 16 oz. (480 ml) of your favorite alcohol. Simply remove the eyepieces to access the two 8 oz. (240 ml) compartments.


Each binoculars flask set contains a neck strap and a miniature funnel.


Don't draw attention to yourself by using one of the dated binocular flasks from decades ago! Purchase Binocktails' restyled binocular flasks instead. Fool the guy at the gate, save your cash, and let the fun begin!!





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