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Rum Runner Cruise Kit (Regular Size)

Each set includes:

1 - 32 oz. flask

2 - 16 oz. flasks

1 - 8 oz. flask

1 - small funnel


Are you going on a cruise?  You know that the booze onboard is extremely overpriced. So do something about it! Buy our Rum Runner Travel Flasks. These travel flasks will keep your bar bill reasonable, and you won’t feel like you are just out of AA.


Our Rum Runner Travel Flasks are an easy way to sneak your own booze onto a cruise ship concealed inside your checked luggage.  All cruise company’s now x-ray your luggage, searching for hidden bottles of booze that you think you can secretly smuggle onboard. That's why you need to buy our Rum Runner Travel Flasks. Fill them up, wrap them in your underwear and place them in the corners of your suitcases. Now, your booze should make it onto the ship without being detected.


Rum Runner Travel Flasks are made of odor-proof, taste-free food-grade plastic. That means they are:


- Non-metallic - undetectable by most metal detectors and x-ray machines

- Reusable - clean them easily with soap and warm water

- Durable - puncture-resistant and freezer-safe

- Reliable - leak-proof with a tight, screw-on cap


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