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Whiskey Stones - Set of nine stones in a gift box with a pouch

Whiskey Stones - Set of nine stones in a gift box with a pouch


This set of nine natural grey soapstone cubes:


  • Won’t water down your drink.
  • Won’t absorb any flavor or odor from anything they come in contact with.
  • Are ready to use after just a few hours in the freezer.
  • Can be stored in the freezer for use at a moment’s notice.


Whiskey Stones are the perfect alternative to ice – they won’t melt or alter the taste of your drink. Soapstone retains its temperature for extended periods of time and is considered by the U.S. FDA as GRAS – Generally Regarded as Safe. Additionally, it is nonporous and nonreactive – in other words, you don’t have to worry about the Whiskey Stones changing the taste of your beverages. Unlike ice, however, Whiskey Stones won’t give you a super-chilled drink fast. Instead they will lower the temperature of your drink by about 10 to 15 degrees over the course of several minutes, protecting the balance of a finely distilled liquor.


These stones are ideal for anyone who enjoys a cool, but not cold, beverage. Use them whenever you want to take the warm edge off your beverage of choice. And order a set as a gift for your best drinking buddy, too.


How to use and store the Whiskey Stones:


  • Rinse stones and let dry before use.
  • Put stones into your freezer for several hours. (Stones can also be stored in the freezer for spur-of-the-moment use.)
  • Put a couple of the cold stones into a glass then cover with your beverage of choice.
  • Let stand for a few minutes to let the stones cool down the liquid.
  • To clean, simply rinse well and allow the stones to dry completely before returning them to the freezer.
  • DO NOT try to chew or eat the stones.
  • With careful use, these stones won’t scratch your glassware.


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