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10 Great Hidden/Secret Flasks


1. The Bev-Cam Camera Flask - This liquor flask is perfect for men and women to use to smuggle alcohol into any event. Fill it with your favorite booze and drop this disguised flask into your handbag or slip it in your pocket for that cheap nip at your next concert.

2. The Bev-Brush - This is the latest creation from Binocktails. It is a fully functional paddle hairbrush, complete with a mirror on the back (so you can see how drunk you are) while also being a secret alcohol flask that holds 6 oz. of your favorite grog. Not only will you have a great hidden flask, you will look great, too.

3. Bev-Burry Phone Flask - The hidden flask that looks like a BlackBerry and holds 3 oz. of alcohol. This is a much better option than the old stainless steel cell phone flasks still on the market. Those do not even look like real phones. If I tried to get into a club with the 20-year-old stainless steel phone flask, they would probably confiscate the flask and send me to the funny farm for such a stupid attempt to smuggle booze.

4. Binocular Flask - Probably the single greatest of all alcohol flasks, a secret flask that looks like binoculars! I have used these more times that I ever thought I would. 16 oz. of straight vodka will make any event a bit more exciting. Quickly unscrew the eyepiece for a big slurp of your favorite booze.

5. Book Flask - A hollowed out book is a perfect place to hide your secret liquor flask to smuggle vodka into class and a great way to keep your classes interesting (well if you don't fall out of your chair).

6. Seat Flask – The inside of this seat cushion contains a hidden flask with a small tube that comes out the side to dispense your beer. These are great for any sporting event.  This liquor flask holds about two beers.  The downfall is you might look like a bit of a dunce carrying your own seat cushion to a baseball game. Man up and use two sets of flask binoculars!!

7. Reef Dram Sandal - These sandals have a secret flask built inside the heel of the flip-flop.  By far the worst of the 10 hidden flasks discussed for two main reasons. One, they are smallest alcohol flask on the list, and, two, they leak easily due to your body weight crushing the hidden flask with every step you take.

8. Shorts Flask - This plastic flask is worn under your normal shorts. It has a tube at the bottom of the liquor flask. If you are walking along and the clear tube is hanging out the bottom of your shorts, you could say, "That stupid catheter never stays in place." Just don't wear shorts that are too tight or things might look a bit odd.

9. Wine Rack - A pair of plastic flasks that are easy to hide in a bra, a bit like external implants. A hose comes off the side of the "bra" to fill your glass. Probably not the ideal liquor flask for women that have a full rack to start with.

10. Beerbelly - A large bladder that straps to your belly and is worn under your shirt like a massive fanny pack, this liquor flask can hold up to 80 oz. of alcohol. With over half a gallon of rum in your secret flask, no one will think you are a light-weight. This is probably the largest alcohol flask available. The only drawback is as you drink the booze, people around you might wonder how you managed to lose your beer gut in under two hours.