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"These flask binoculars are the best I have ever seen." E.R., Slough, UK

"If you are looking for a liquor flask, look no further than Binocktails." D.J. Mosman, Australia


"The Bev-Cam is the best secret flask for the money." H.H., Littleton, Colorado

"Binocktails means secret alcohol flasks." J.S., Bonnyville, Canada

"I love my Bev-Cam. It is a great hidden flask" K.L., Hollywood, Florida

"If you want to sneak alcohol anywhere, use a disguised flask from Binocktails." L. S. Ostersund, Sweden


"Secret flasks? My mate was trying to using the Bev-Cam to take pictures of the concert. We'll keep that a secret from him!" D. C., Hong Kong


"The binocular flask looks so real with the rubberized coating on it." K. V., Dortmund, Germany


"The Bev–Cam camera flask is amazing. 5 oz. of booze and no one knows it’s there. Great secret flask." J. T., Athens, Georgia


"The Bev-Cam and the flask binoculars from Binocktails have saved my hundreds of dollars." Boca Raton, Florida


"The Bev-Brush is the greatest secret flask ever. What will these guys think of next!" B.M. Capetown, South Africa


"My Bev-Brush was in the security guard's hands and he did not know it was a hidden flask." Y.L. Budapest, Hungary


"Binocktails.com is the only place to buy a disguised flask. Great designs." K.K., Tokyo, Japan